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8 Deadly Sins

Learning to Defend the Life of Grace

Explains the Church Fathers’ teachings on deadly sins

By: Boland OP, Fr Vivian

Format: A6 paperback

Dimensions: 10.5cm by 14.8cm

ISBN : 9781860824609

Number of Pages: 60

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The Church has settled on a list of 7 mortal sins but the Fathers of the Church more often referred to 8. The deadly or capital sins - covetousness, envy, sloth, gluttony, lust, anger, vainglory and pride - are the most significant and insidious temptations with which we must contend. A first step in countering their influence is understanding their psychological and spiritual roots in human experience. Standing humbly in the truth about ourselves, we will appreciate the power of God’s love to heal and strengthen our nature, for love is not jealous or boastful, not arrogant or rude, not irritable or resentful.

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A clear, concise look at each of the eight deadly sins. What makes this booklet stand out is that it constantly refers back and forth to different well-known Catholic theologians, basing its arguments on long held opinions and looking at the differences and similarities between them.