20 Answers: Mary

By: Tim Staples

Format: A6 Booklet

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ISBN : 9781784691165

Number of Pages: 80

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Publication Date: 08 May 2016

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Who was Mary? Why is she so important? This accessible handbook for defending the Catholic faith comprises 20 answers to frequently asked questions about Mary, with concise yet comprehensive explanations on the salient aspects of her role in the Church. Topics covered include Mary’s intercession, the Immaculate Conception, the Virgin birth, Mary in scripture, and her assumption into heaven. This title is a must-have for those engaged in apologetics, evangelisation and education in the modern world.

Tim Staples is a former Protestant convert to Catholicism. He is Director of Apologetics for Catholic Answers, and has a degree in philosophy.

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This is an excellent defense of the Catholic teachings regarding Mary. Due to his religious upbringing, Staples if able to accurately address Protestant oppositions in a way that a cradle Catholic could not. He draws from a number of sources, especially Scripture and the early Church. Staples addresses a wide array of topics ranging from oppositions to Mary, confusion about Catholic beliefs surrounding her, and why a devotion is an important part of Christian life. One of the pleasant surprises in the book was a clear response regarding Catholic beliefs around salvation. Though Salvation by Jimmy Akin does a phenomenal job addressing this topic, the short section in this book was also really helpful. My one criticism is that he repeats some Bible verses several times throughout the book. Though they are relevant to each question he includes them in, it does become a little repetitive. Despite that, I highly recommend that every Christian, especially Protestants who question Catholic devotion to Mary, take the time to read this booklet.

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I have read a number of books on Mary over the years but this short concise volume has a lot of great information. It has information for Catholics to better understand theology surrounding our Mother. It has the answers to key questions that protestants raise regarding Mary and her role in salvation history. Tim Staples as a convert has a very different view of Mary then many cradle Catholics or even those who have come home to the Catholic Church. For Tim started out completely opposed to Mary specifically, and Catholicism in general, but in studying theology to refute Catholicism was convinced of the validity and converted. Tim draws his answers predominately from scriptures, then from the Catechism, and also church history. He also draws heavily from early sources. He also dives into the Greek and Aramaic meanings of words and how they came to be translated or used the way they were. This book was eye opening and as I mentioned I have read a number of books on Mary over the years. And I love that with the size of this book I can go back and reread it quickly as a refresher any time I want or need. This was an incredible little book, and I really look forward to reading the rest of the 20 Answers series!