20 Answers: Divorce and Remarriage

By: Jim Blackburn

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ISBN : 9781784691400

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Publication Date: 08 Sep 2016

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What is the meaning of marriage? What conditions can make a marriage invalid? And what does the Church teach about remarriage after divorce? 
Few other subjects in our Church today carry with it such far-reaching emotional and spiritual implications as marriage and divorce. Through a careful exploration of what the Church teaches, apologist Jim Blackburn clears up common misconceptions and explains the nature of a true marriage, in an effort to help equip Catholics to validly enter into authentic unions that are divorce-proof for life.

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This book was hard because it speaks hard truths. Truths that many today would like to soften. Truths that for the most part the Catholic Church is one of the last holdouts in standing firm on, specifically the sanctity of marriage. Part of what makes this book so hard is that I doubt there is a reader out there who has not been touched by divorce and likely remarriage. How many of us do not have divorced parents, grandparents or friends? How many of us do not know a same sex couple who is married or planning on getting married? As I stated this book is not an easy read, in part because it will arm us with the truth. And knowing the truth we might end up in the position of having some hard conversations. And in part it is hard because these truths are not always comfortable. There is no fluff in these books. These books are also not just cold hard facts. They take into account the reality of the world we live in, the relationships, and friendships we may have. But they are written to give us the truth in short, quickly digestible packets.

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Quite a hard-hitting book. Offers some answers that are particularly difficult to swallow, but concrete and definitively answers all of the questions. Would be great for a reading group to discuss the answers given. Gets you thinking and looking for more.

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The Parish Priest


Totally lacking in love and mercy. I was hoping for some guidance as my son is recently divorced. This was writing lacking in love and forgiveness and was sadly, not a t all helpful. Colum MacCourt